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Your cat is important to you - they're a member of the family, after all. As a part of the family, you have a responsibility to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. At times, cat issues can seem a little overwhelming, but with a few useful tips, these are easily overcome.

That's why we've put these articles together for you. We hope that they'll answer any questions you might have regarding your feline companion. If, per chance, none of these articles address your concerns, feel free to contact us with your questions. We'll give you a straightforward answer, and might even write an article based on your question for Simply Cat Breeds.



Cat Care

Choosing Cat Food
Kittens: What and How to Feed Them
Tips for Kitten Proofing Your Home
Tips for Picking the Perfect Cat Bed
10 Tips for Senior Cat Care
Top Canned Cat Foods
Top Dry Cat Foods
5 Uses For Catnip You May or May Not Know
Top 5 Cat Trees, Condos, and Gyms
How to Deal With a Pregnant Cat
Choosing a Cat Sitter That is Right for You
How to Get Your Cat to Exercise
What To Do About Nocturnal Cat Activities
Homemade Cat Food
Foods Your Cat Should Avoid
Caring for a Pregnant Cat
How Should You Have Your Cat Identified?
The Outdoor Cat Cage and You
How Serious is a Broken Cat Tail?
How To Make Your Cat Take Its Pills
Which Plants are Poisonous to Cats?
Cats and Water


Cat Health

Tips For Managing Feline Arthritis
Chronic Renal Failure
Declawing Your Cat
Emergency Symptoms in Your Cat
Cats and Eye Inflammation
Cats - Dealing With Fleas
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Cats and Gastritis
Cats and Heartworms
Hyperthyroidism In Cats
Is My Cat In Heat?
Quick Guide to Feline Leukemia
Common Skin Problems in Cats
Best Flea Control For Cats
Cats and Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
Cat Vaccines - What To Know
Common Causes for Cat Vomiting
Top 10 Deadliest House Plants
A Personal Tale of The Amazing Cancer Cat
When to Euthanize Your Cat
How Long Will My Cat Live?
Why Declawing Your Cat Is a Bad Decision
Managing a Diabetic Cat
Three Different Pet Meds for Cats
Did You Know That Cat Scratch Fever Really Exists?
Can Cats Have Allergies?


Cat Grooming and Hygiene

How To Give a Cat Bath
How To Clean Cat Teeth
How To Clean Cat Ears
How To Trim Cat Nails
Top 5 Litter Box Problems and How To Overcome Them
Top 5 Cat Grooming Products
Dealing With Cat Hair
Caring for Your Cat's Eyes
Helping Cats Handle Hairballs
Finding Ways of Dealing with Cat Litter


Cat Veterinary Care

Choosing Your Veterinarian
Cat's First Trip To The Vet
Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Cat

Cat Training

How To Tame an Aggressive Cat
Top 3 Aggression Problems and How To Beat Them
Cats and Seperation Anxiety
Basic Cat Training Tips 
Cat Intelligence - How Smart Is Your Cat?
How to Leash Train Your Cat in 10 Easy-to-Follow Steps
Therapy Cats- Tails of Triumph
Tricks and Training
Training Your Cat to Use a Cat Flap
Re-Directed Aggression in Cats
Can You Teach Your Cat to Use the Toilet?
How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Cat


Cats 101

Adopting a Rescue Cat - What To Know
Kids and Kittens - The Beginning of Good Relationships
Cat Ownership Basics
Pet Insurance - What To Know
Spay and Neuter FAQ
Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds
How To Travel With Your Cat
Your New Kitten - Tips For Their New Home
Tips For Naming Your New Kitten
5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Catizen
No-Kill Shelters: Quick Facts
Top Five Cats for Multi-Pet Households
5 Awesome Anatomical Part of Cats
Wildcats in the Living Room
Kitty Tails
5 Ways to Tell That Your Cat Really Loves You
Showing Your Cats: A Quick Guide
Cat Behaviors Deciphered
5 Famous Fictional Felines
The 10 Most Popular Cat and Kitty Names of 2011
Why Cats are Best in Pairs
Why Do Cats Knead?
The Cats of the Pokemon Games
Can Cats Really Hurt Humans?
The Fundamental Differences Between Strictly Cat and Strictly Dog People
The Deity Cats of Ancient Egypt
Is Pet Insurance a Waste of Money?
Why is My Cat Acting So Strangely?
Can Cats Understand English?
How You Should Go About Finding Your Lost Cat
How Your Cat is Like a Superhero
What You Should Consider When Adopting a Bengal Cat From a Shelter
Understanding Kittens