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Top 10 Cat Toys


Buying toys for cats and kittens is almost as much fun for the owner as it is for the cats when the toys come home. There are a wide variety of fun filled and action packed toys, from robotic wonders to shiny, crinkly balls that will drive your cat wild; and lets not forget the standard catnip mouse. Picking toys should be done with two goals in mind: giving owners a fun way to play with their cats and giving cats a fun way to play with their owners. Here are the top ten kitty favorites.



Cost: About $15, some places may sell it for $20
This toy is a hit amongst cats and owners. A twirling and whirling feather attached to a string attached to a pole used by the owner to dangle and twist above and around the cat. It is designed so that the feathers flutter towards the ground teasingly and erratically, driving cats nuts as they try to capture it. A great toy for getting cats up and moving.


Bergan Scratcher Toys
Cost: $10-15
Put a toy in the track and watch your cat chase it happily as this entices them into playing with lights and a scratching pad. Cats just love it.


Catnip Mice
Cost: Between $4-10 depending on which product you buy
The old standard, these mice tend to come in packs and are now available in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and sizes. Pick the ones that you think your cat will enjoy the most and try hiding them around the house for your cats to seek out and be surprised by.


Cat Charmer
Cost: $5-10
A ribbon on a pole, this is a 48 inch fabric ribbon that you can trail along the floor or wiggle in the air as your cat leaps, runs and darts to grab it.


Peek-A-Prize Toy Box
Cost: $25
The Peek-A-Prize is a great toy for the busy cat owner. It can keep cats occupied for hours trying to seek out the toys hidden inside the box. It encourages cats to exercise their naturally hunting instincts and gives them a chance to revel in the thrill of the hunt. It keeps kittens and older cats busy and active.


Yeowww! Catnip Cigars
Cost: $6/ One or $60.00/ Box
A great catnip treat. Though a bit on the pricey side, they hold up against wear and tear and the catnip scent lasts a good while. An excellent alternative is the Yeowww Catnip Banana.


Cost: $3- $15 depending on product
A great and relatively cheap toy for playing with your cat. Once they spot the laser they will chase it anywhere it goes that they can go. Run it up a wall and don’t be surprised to see your cat leaping into the air for it. Brave owners may be willing to try an automated laser that can run throughout the day while at work, but be careful, these little red dots really make cats go crazy.


Mylar Balls
Cost: About $1.50 a piece
Cheap, shiny, crinkly and fun, these little balls will keep cats of all ages chasing them across floors. Some cats may even use them to engage in a fun game of fetch with their owners (yes there are some cat breeds that love to play fetch)! They can go anywhere, however, so you’ll want to stock up before you lose them all under the fridge or the dresser.


Race and Chase
Cost: $20
This crazy little donut has a toy that spins around inside. This one tends to be a toss up among cats and is one that can be used more as a babysitting device than an interactive owner-cat toy. The cat spins the toy around in a track with their paw. Some cats love it, others are quickly bored with it.


Any Pet Drinking Fountain
Cost: $40.00 +
Perhaps a surprising addition to some, but many cat breeds love to play in the water. For those that don’t, drop a floating toy, like a mylar ball, into the water and watch the cats go crazy catching it while it floats along. As an added bonus, this encourages your cats to stay hydrated.




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