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5 Awesome Anatomical Parts of Cats


cat whiskers1.  Their Eyes
Not matter what their color, cats eyes are absolutely fascinating and they glow in the dark! Their pupils are larger than ours, as humans, and are controlled by ciliary muscles that move in a camera shutter-like fashion. In darkness the pupil is big and wide but in light it narrows to little more than a slit. When the light, in darkness, hits the eyes, it hits a membrane called the tapetum lucidum, which is found behind the retina, and reflects the light back out in an eery replica of the eye. Thanks to the tapetum lucidum, cats are able to hunt at night using only 1/6th of the light we would need as humans.


2. Skin
Even the sleekest and thinest of cats has an extraordinary amount of skin. It is an important part of their anatomy as it allows them to twist and turn even if you have a handful of it. Think of a cat at the vet and how they must be held. If you do not grab them in the right place, your cat can turn completely around and claw you even though you were sure you had them by the skin. Why? Because of how loose their skin is. It's a hunting and fighting mechanism. If they are caught by a predator or violent prey, they can still turn and fight.


The skin on the back of the neck is called the scruff, by grabbing THIS area, most cats will be subdued as this is the area that their mommies used to pick them up and carry them back to the home. It is a useful thing to know in cats that tend to become skittish or are being overly aggressive.


3. Tongue
Have you ever noticed how rough your cats tongue is as they've licked you? It feels like sandpaper. Just think, the bigger the cat the rougher the tongue! So why is it like that? Remember that cats use their tongues not just for eating our canned and dry food, but for grooming themselves and in the wild, for ripping the flesh off the bones of their prey. Their tongues are covered with lots of little tiny barbs that face backwards towards the throat. These barbs work as a comb and in the domestic kitty will clean all skin flakes, loose fur, and anything else hiding in their coat.


4. The Purr
No other animal does it yet all of the felines will. Why cats purr is anyone guess and there are a number of theories. Our domestic cats purr when content, just before sleeping, when being fed, when afraid, some purr when angry... There seems to be no limit to the emotions that can draw a purr. Mothers purr to their kittens, both while feeding and so they can find momma while wandering around sightless. Scientifically, it is caused by intermittent signals from the diaphragm and larynx at a frequency of 25-150 hertz. This frequency has also shown to promote healing and bone growth.


5 Whiskers!
Like a fuzzy radar, a cats whiskers are an amazing guidance system. They are filled with nerve endings that tell everything from size and shape to air pressure. They are the same width as the cats body and allow your cat to know if he can fit through an area (assume your cat hasn't out grown his whiskers in weight). They are navigators that help even the blind "see" where they are going. When hunting, they will help a cat figure out the size of their prey and where to strike. If a whisker is damaged their aim will be off. They're even mood indicators. Happy kitties have full and forward whiskers, while angry cats have them pulled back against the face.



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