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5 Ways to Tell That Your Cat Really Loves You


snuggly kittensWe've all heard the adage "Dogs have Friends and Cats have Staff", but is this really an accurate portrayal of how cats feel about their owners? Certain breeds of cats are quite desperately attached to their families and others will pick one individual to call their own, wasting away when they aren't given the love and affection they feel they are bestowing on their owner. Here is a list of five ways you can tell if your cat really, truly loves you.


1. Scratching your bed, pottying on your bed, and putting their behind in your face.
Not the most flattering arrangement of compliments to our minds, but cats show affection by marking their territory. So when they shred your favorite shirt, or potty on your freshly made bed, they're just trying to tell you how much they love you and love your shirt or your bed. It is frustrating for us as humans because we have to clean it up or replace it, but in feline language this is a huge compliment. Furthermore, much like with dogs, when a cat turns their hindquarters to you it's not necessarily a shunning. Many cats greet one another with a smell of the behind and so they are offering you the same gesture of friendliness. Give the compliment back by scratching the base of the tail.


2. Purring and Kneading


Most people recognize these as signs of happiness and they are correct, however they are forgetting that these can also be signs of affection. When a mommy purrs for her babies it's a beacon guiding them to food and affection. When a baby purrs with mommy it's a sign of love. Babies also knead their momma's tummy to stimulate the flow of milk. While that isn't what they're trying to do with you, it is a habit that is formed when they feel warm, loved, and secure, so they are sharing that feeling of pure happiness with you.


3. Rubbing and Head Butting


Cats, as mentioned before, show affection by claiming you as their own through marking. When they rub against you and headbutt you, they are taking advantage of the scent glands in the head to claim you as their own. In addition, head butting is a real sign of trust as it means their eyes are vulnerable and they trust you not to hurt them as much as you trust them not to hurt you.


4. Grooming


Mutual grooming is something that anyone with more than one cat has seen and knows that it is a sign of affection. It's all part of spreading the scent and making one family unit. Cats love to groom the people they love, so don't be surprised when your cat cleans your hair or licks your hand while you are petting. They're saying hey, you're my family so it's okay. So go ahead and "groom" them back with a bit of petting.


5. Curved Tails


When baby kitties greet their momma it's with an erect tail that has the tip folded back. When your baby greets their momma it is probably exactly the same. Revel in the love of being the kitty momma (or daddy) when you get home from a long day of work and indulge in some mutual grooming and accept the purrs, kneads, and headbutts. They're all just signs of love and affection.



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