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Cat Intelligence - How Smart Is Your Cat?


smart-cat.jpgThe long standing quarrel between cats and dogs continues will into comparisons of their intelligence. Just how smart are cats? And how smart are then when compared to dogs? The answer is... No one really knows. In some scientific testing dogs have most assuredly come out ahead, but then in other tests, cats have taken the lead. The problem appears to lie in that both seem to have different strengths and learning skills and that the testing is never suited for both animals at the same time. Not to mention that dogs have that desperate desire to please their owner which may drive them to pick things up more quickly; at least for a little while or with constant reward.


Most cat owners will happily attest to the brilliance of their animals. They learn how to open closed doors, open cupboards and perform a number of tricks that most people wouldn't even believe possible. However, scientific proof of feline intelligence is hard to come by.


There are certainly differences in animal just as there are in dogs. While some dogs are incredibly intelligent without denial, there are likewise some truly intelligent cats; and vice-versa. Perhaps it is in the eyes of an owner that the true level of intelligence can be seen as science, though perhaps more definitive, is unable to provide a concrete answer.


Both animals have stories of saving their owners and families from natural disasters, fires, and other tragedies. Cats, however, are also attributed with smelling out death and being an animal of comfort in the time of someone's passing. Though it is perhaps odd to think of, some cats engage in dancing with their owners. By matching their bio-rhythms to that of their owner, the two will dance in synchronized motion to whatever music happens to be playing. Both species have breeds dedicated to pest removal and both excel at it, though perhaps it is the cat who does so simply for play that is more intelligent than the dog that does it for work.


Cats may be slightly better than dogs at adapting to situations. When an owner forgets to feed their cat, the cat will go out and get themselves food or water if they are at all capable. A dog (in my own experience) stands by the food bowl and whines until someone fills it up. They are more equipped for outdoor survival, able to hunt and live on their own rather than in packs like dogs- though this could be attributed to their nature. Dogs are pack animals while cats are solitary creatures.


Perhaps the greatest struggle in truly measuring cat intelligence versus dog intelligence is simply that they are of different intelligences. Cats tend to learn through trial by error. When a kitten is learning just the right height, speed and angle with which to make a difficult jump, they will often fall the first or second time. Most people mistake this for stupidity, but imagine doing it yourself as a human- and bear in mind a dog wouldn't even try it. They would wait for you to lift them.

For now, it seems to rest with the opinion of the owner. If you feel your cat is intelligent then they likely are. If you feel your cat is stupid... give it a few minutes and think about how well you would adapt in a similar situation. If you still think they're stupid then... perhaps they are. What matters most is that cats, despite myth and rumor, are loving and sweet pets that know who their owners are and bond with them, offering a loving companion till their end.




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