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Hairless Cat Breeds

Devon_Rex Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a loyal breed that shows endless affection towards its owner. Known as the "poodle-cat," their coats shed much less than other breeds, helping them to be cleaner around the house.
donskoy header Donskoy

The Donskoy is an extremely friendly and intelligent breed of hairless cat that loves its family in an extremely devoted way. Because of this, they think they need to be around you at all times.
minskin pair header


It seems to be a trend with hairless cats to be extremely smart and easygoing, but at least the trend continues with the Minskin as they get along with everyone and are very intelligent.

peterbald header Peterbald

Hairless and intelligent, the Peterbald breed is easy going and loves to be where its people are located. While being the very essence of the feline form, they tend to act much more like a dog.
Sphynx_Cat Sphynx 

The Sphynx is a breed that reminds people more of monkies or children at times than actual cats as they're very acrobatic and mischievous. Though, despite their odd look, they are very loving and affectionate.