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How Long Will My Cat Live?


cat with glassesCats are a curious creature, constantly showing signs of a hidden mystery or two. But one thing we do know for certain is that no cat lives forever. Still, knowing just how long your kitty will end up living isn’t an exact science, but there are a few indicators to give you a fairly good idea of what sort of feline longevity to expect. Here is a rough approximation for how long your cats will live.


Outdoor Only Cats:


The risks of the outdoor only cat are high and only become higher the closer you are to either dense wilderness or dense cities. That’s why most outdoor only felines only have an average life expectancy of two years, very low when compared to even rats and mice. The reason for this is the abundance of hazards that befall the standard outdoor cat, including but not limited to large predators, neighborhood dogs, cars, chemicals, and disease. That isn’t to say that just because you live on a farm and let your cat predominantly live outside he’s going to drop dead at age two. Rather, his life is so full of danger that the average longevity for other felines in his lifestyle bracket doesn’t typically see more than one leap year, ever.


Indoor/Outdoor Cats:


Allowing your cat to come inside during the day or night will actually do a lot to increase your cat’s lifespan to the point that the average indoor/outdoor cat will live to be seven-years-old. That’s more than three times the age of an outdoor only cat! The explanation here is that the safe indoor time reduces the amount of hazardous outdoor time to the point that the cat is able to at least retreat to home base once in a while to get some clean food, relaxed rest, and warm habitation.


Indoor Only Cats:


Here’s where the real spike in longevity occurs. Taking all of those outdoor hazards away from a cat only succeeds in increasing its expected lifespan substantially, to the point that the average indoor only kitty can expect to live upwards of 21 years. Of course, none of this takes into consideration your cat’s medical history and the history of its family, but assuming it lives a healthy life without any major accidents, it can easily live to see your children start legally drinking.

No matter which type of cat you decide to keep, the important thing to consider for their health is a good diet, periodical trips to the vet, and above all a lot of love. Cats need affection, just like people do, so enjoy the time you have with your furry companion. Before you know it, their time will be up, and you don’t want to have missed it.



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