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How Your Cat is Like a Superhero


super catIt doesn’t take much for people to swoon over their kitties. Cats just seem to have it all going on, whether it be the cute stare, the fluffy faces, or the warm snuggling. But dang, cats have got some amazing powers! We seem to forget a lot of what makes cats to cool when all we see of them is lazing about, sleeping, and then sleeping some more after their nap. Perhaps all that down time is just to recharge their batteries for amazing powers? Here’s how your cat is like a superhero.

Cats Have Amazing Night Vision

Many times we find ourselves getting up in the middle of the night and stumbling into the kitchen for a drink of water, tripping over everything in our way in the pitch dark, trying to find our way around. We get to the fridge, open the door, and there we see our feline companion just sitting there like a Bond villain as if they expected us this whole time. It’s not that they came in and started sitting there when the lights were on, hoping for a good surprise jump-scare, but rather cats, like many nocturnal animals, have a reflective layer behind their retinas called the tapetum lucidum. What this does is essentially soak up every bit of light in the area and increase their vision in the dark. Sadly, it also makes their vision in well-lit areas slightly worse, but it’s interesting to note that cats are not color blind, despite what you may suspect.

Cats Have Pinpoint Hearing

There’s a reason why a cat will utterly freak out when you sneak up on them: It’s incredibly difficult to sneak up on an alert cat. Sure, you can tip-toe up to a sleeping cat, one that fully trusts you and the space around them, but when a cat doesn’t want to be surprised, good luck being completely silent with the sneak. The reason for this is that their ears are capable of pinpointing sounds around them within three inches of where the sound is made, partly due to the ability to swivel in pretty much all directions. Plus, they can hear octaves above even humans and dogs, making them very good at hearing things coming from places they can’t even see. Sneaky sneaky!

Cats Can Jump Insanely High

We’ve seen cats leaping up onto things for quite some time, but exactly how high can a cat jump, just feet planted on the ground, dead leap? Assuming your cat is in top physical condition, they are capable of leaping 7 times their tail length, which translates into roughly 5-6 feet. That means a healthy, fit cat can probably jump right onto your shoulders if it really wants to. Not only that, but cats are able to leap off of incredibly high places and sustain relatively little harm, if any at all. There are even reports that cats have leapt from telephone poles and been alright, and the world record for non-fatal fall is 16 stories. That’s amazing!

Cats Have Unbelievable Balance

Those tails they flick back and forth aren’t just there to let you know when they’re ticked off (although that’s a big part of it). One of the biggest reasons that tail’s there is to provide an uncanny balancing ability, letting a cat not only make precise leaps to and from furniture and such, but also dance around on ledges that are just too thin to make sense. How often have you looked up and seen an opportunistic feline trotting along the top of a fence, looking to score an easy squirrel meal from a tree? Though oddly, getting rid of the tail doesn’t mean that they have no balance left. Somehow it’s just something built into their nature.

Cats Have Claws and Know How to Use Them

Along with great jumping and balance abilities come the multitude of uses from their primary defensive and offensive weapons: Their claws. They’re able to shred couches like it’s nobody’s business and knead your leg into oblivion, but more importantly they make it possible to climb trees and such that would otherwise be off limits. Cats are able to climb to places we can’t even dream of climbing without special gear, whereas cats have the tools built right in. These alone seem like some unbelievable additions from nature, but combine it into the total package and you’ve got a truly super cat!

Well, maybe your cat isn’t about to run outside and start stopping crimes any time soon, but they absolutely have something amazing about them. And yet they’re content to use these powers more for pestering you and finding new places to hide. Could be worse! At least they’re not actively trying to become super villains! At least…not all of them…



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