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How To Make Your Cat Take Its Pills


cat pillsThere is without a doubt one aspect of cat ownership that inevitably terrifies everyone, and that’s the horrific time when your cat goes to the vet and you learn that you’ll need to give them a pill once a day in order to make them well again. How many of us have just considered right there that it may just be their time to go? Okay, we all reluctantly accept out fates, but sometimes giving your cat a pill doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here are a few tips to make it a bit easier, or at least a little less painful for everyone involved.


With cats, there are two major hurtles you’re going to have to deal with: Their claws and their teeth. The majority of cats will refuse to take any pill you give them regardless of how good it actually is for them. You can have the sweetest little kitty in the world, but as soon as the pills come out he’s a nasty little spit and will have nothing to do with you or your miracle cures. That said, it never hurts to try and trick them as you would with a dog. This is accomplished by hiding said pill in food or a treat. The best option is to pull out some canned food as it can be fully concealed, but a small treat covered in butter or peanut butter might work as well.


Of course, “might” is the operative word there, and most likely your cat will lick up all the good stuff and leave the pills behind. That means it’s time to grab your furry friend and stuff the medicine down his throat. Before doing this, you may want to clip his claws, though that may just be an ordeal all by itself. Usually it’s just best to grab a towel and proceed with your cat to a good location where you can hold him down and do the deed.


Once you have him wrapped so that his legs and specifically his claws are safely held back, have the pill at the ready and open his mouth by taking your thumb and index finger and squeezing the corner of his mouth open. This won’t be painful if you’re doing it relatively slowly as your cat will naturally open its mouth when presented with this sensation. Once the mouth is open, hold it open as best you can and push the pill back as far in as you can get it, then close their mouth quickly and hold it shut while you rub their throat. If done correctly, he’ll swallow it and you can return to your day. You might also try getting a pill shooter from your vet. It’s easier to jam the pill into the back of the mouth before your cat spits it out, but they don’t always work.


Cats are just prone to argue. A dog can be convinced to do just about anything, but a cat will have none of that. Even though your goal is to help, you might have to deal with a serious grudge for a little bit. That is, until it’s time for affection again. Oh well.



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