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La Perm Information


La Perm

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La Perm Description

LaPerm kittens are born hairless or with a short, wavy or straight coat. They will go through a balding period where all their hair falls out at about two weeks. Their new coat then comes in and they remain in varying stages of baldness until the full coat comes in at four months. If they were born with a curly coat they will retain a curly coat. It should be soft, and should have a shaggy appearance. This breed comes in two coat lengths, long and short. The long haired version should have a ruff on the neck at maturity and be free of matting. The tail should be plumed with some curling. It should also be loose and bouncy so that you are able to run your fingers down to the skin. The short haired coat should be springy, light and airy. The tail is not plumed but may be wavy.

The head of the breed is a modified wedge, slightly rounded with gentle contours. The muzzle is broad and ends in a strong chin. Ears should be set so they continue the wedge of the head, slightly flared and medium to large in size. Full furnishings and earmuffs with lynx tipping are preferred in the long haired coats. Eyes are medium-large and expressive. They should be almond shaped when resting and round when alert. They can be any color that naturally occurs.

The body is moderate in size with medium to fine boning. Legs should be medium long and match the body, ending in rounded feet.


La Perm Temperament

Gentle and affectionate, this is an active breed of cat that is also quite content to be cuddled in your lap. They often follow the lead of their owner; if they are playing but you want to cuddle they will settle quite happily for cuddles instead. They love to be with people and will begin to purr the moment they sense that you are around. They are known for gently patting their people with their paws and happily nuzzling them.

La Perm Care

Grooming is a priority with the LaPerm as they will 'molt' their coat throughout the year and grow in a new one. Brushing during these times is important to help control hair balls.

La Perm History

The LaPerm was discovered in 1982. A litter of barn cats were found in Oregon near the hunting and fishing grounds of the Wishram Indians; one kitten was born completely bald and looking nothing like its mother or siblings. It had wide spaced ears and a pattern on the skin that mimicked that of the tabby. It would not stay bald for long, however. Within 8 weeks it began to grow soft, curly hair and by four months had developed a full, curly coat. Though certainly interesting, the owner took little notice and over the next ten years the number of bald and then curly kittens had increased noticeably. The owner began to confine the cats and control the breeding; the gene was obviously dominant and carried by both males and females and these cats made huge waves at local cat shows.


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