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5 Showing Your Cats: A Quick Guide


show catHave you ever considered showing your kitty in a cat show? Below are some quick instructions to help you get into the groove and get your cat showing.


1. How do I enter a cat show?

Decide who you want to enter with. Is there a local group? Is there a CFA or TICA show coming to your town? Get a copy of their show rules and standards and study them carefully. The rules will contain facts about entry and the standards will say what your cat should look like. These forms will contain all the necessary information for entering your cat in the related category, and many shows even offer a house pet category for you to exhibit your moggie (non-pedigreed) cats.


2. Arriving on the scene.

There is only one way to ever transport a cat and that is with a carrier. Airline carriers are considered the best, but as long as your kitty cant escape while you are setting up their cage then you should be fine.


3. Setting up the cage.

Things you need:
A cage that is comfortable for your cat to turn in and sleep in.
Show curtains
Food/ Water

Your cage should be about 36 long by 22 wide by at least 36 high, or the size mentioned in your paperwork. Line the inside of the cage with the show curtains. These prevent cats from seeing their neighbors and getting into fights and fits through the bars. Fit the curtains neatly to the bars and then set in shelves if your cat likes to perch, a bed for them to sleep on, a litter box in a corner for them to use, and a place for their food and water bowls. Toys from home help to keep your kitty calmer and happier while in such a charged environment.


4. Yes, you must clip claws.

But do not declaw. Clipping your cats claws is a safety measure for you, your pets, and the judges. By having their claws trimmed, the cats are less likely to hurt anyone if they get freaked out by a loud noise.


5. So what should I expect?

Arrive at least an hour before judging is expected to show simply so you can get set up calmly and so your pet has time to settle in before a judge comes by. Your cat will look their best if they are relaxed and comfortable, arriving early gives them a chance to do this. Check in with the entry clerk and receive your cage number and row designation. Locate your cage spot and get set up before checking the judging schedule and locating the show ring. Feel free to ask questions and definitely enjoy yourself!



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