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The 10 Most Popular Cat and Kitty Names of 2011


lounge catEvery year a new batch of cats makes their way around the nation just needing names. Kittens are being born left and right, older cats are being adopted from shelters and rescues, and perhaps it just feels like the right time to rename your fuzzy little chum. That means a new list of the ten most popular cat names has also arrived. Here’s what everyone else seemed to go with last year.





The list of the top males seems pretty standard yet again. Max, for whatever reason, consistently makes it to the top of pet lists every year (it’s the most popular male dog name from last year, too). Who is Max and why do we think he represents cats so well? Jack seems pretty standard for easy names, as is Charlie.

Pop culture appears to have quite a hand in this list as you have Oliver (Disney’s Oliver and Company), Milo (Milo and Otis), Simba (Disney’s The Lion King), and Tigger (Disney’s Winnie the Pooh). Tiger and Smokey are just classic stand-bys, and Kitty seems like a lot of people just weren’t trying.






Odd here, but a lot fewer pop culture characters (possibly Bella from Twilight), and a lot more just standard dainty names with Sophie, Lily, Lilly, Callie, and Daisy. Kitty makes a much higher appearance on the female side of things, but it’s good to see the timeless classic Lucy rank so high, as well as Luna, simply a strong cat name for the ages.


Suggestions for Cat Names


In 2012, there’s not bound to be a big changeup for that list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t aim for something more original. A family cat name that’s been passed through my family for generations has been Sprackle, always for a tortoiseshell calico female, and it’s shown to be very good luck. And when my wife decided to foster a pair of strays that she named Butterscotch and Peppermint, I swiftly stepped in and renamed them Snazzlefrazz and Sir Waldo McThumbly.


One handy trick to finding a strong cat name is to rely more on sounds rather than actual words. Sure, it’s easy to name based off human names (Max, Lucy), but with a cat, they respond best to a rumbling growl. One name I’ve seen that’s had a ton of success always getting the cat’s attention was Garoof (shortened from Roofus), as the rolling ‘r’ imitated a purr of sorts. Raul is, therefore, a great name to go with if you want something that both the cat will respond to, and that people won’t really find too outlandish.


Just remember, whatever you end up deciding on, this will be your cat’s name for good! Pick something you’ll be happy to yell again and again, otherwise rethink your choice.



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