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The Outdoor Cat Cage and You


outdoor cat enclosureCats are by nature outdoor creatures. However, we’ve managed to domesticate them rather well to the point that their lifespans leap dramatically when kept indoors and only indoors. Still, there’s a chance you’ll catch your kitty longingly gazing out at the trees and the birds, wishing it could be out there. It may even make a break for it when you least expect it and the opportunity jumps out. There may actually be another way, and that’s an outdoor cat cage. What would that entail? Read on and let’s find out.


An outdoor cat cage is essentially just what it sounds like: A cage that allows a cat to roam around outside without getting loose in the neighborhood. Finding one isn’t all too difficult, but finding one that fits your needs may become something a bit expensive rather quickly. There are many options, with the smallest coming down to a simple crate the size of the one you’d normally carry them around in to the vet. To be frank, something this small entirely defeats the purpose of the outdoor experience in the first place. Also, you’ll have to remember to take your cat out and bring them back inside, and that makes it hard for anyone to really get much from the experience.


On the pricier side but the more enjoyable side is the fully backyard enclosure. As it would suggest, what you’re attempting to do is completely fence in your yard to the point that a cat can’t even leap out and over. The tallest fence can be scaled, but a full enclosure cuts them off from the top as it basically ads another layer of fence over everything else. Again, this is rather difficult, but there is a slightly less extreme option where you just fence in a portion of the garden or some such.


Again, the whole project will either come down to being far too complicated to work properly within a budget or a resource standpoint, but on the low end it feels somewhat pointless since the goal is to give the cat a full outdoor experience and the ability to get fresh air and exercise.


If, however, you really do want to find a relatively simple solution that doesn’t cost too much, there is always the option to teach your cat to roam around on a leash, just like a dog. Sure, some pet owners will find this absurd just for the fact that it’s extremely uncommon to see a cat on a leash, but it’s very possible to train them to harness up and walk without much trouble. Granted, not all cats will respond positively to this and it may take quite a lot of work to get to the point that they’re comfortable in the leash, but it can be done, and in doing so, they get the full outdoor experience.


Sometimes cats just want to be outside and there’s not much you can do to change that about them. But at the very least, there are some options to give them what they really want. Check out what you can do and consider leash training them, and youll have the happiest cat under the sun!



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