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Tips For Naming Your New Kitten


kitten_closeupNaming your kitten is one of the first decisions as a new pet owner that you will make. Some people like to set a name before they pick up their kitten, but others prefer to wait until they see the kitten or get them home before deciding on the perfect name for their little bundle of fluff. Here are some tips to help you pick a name for your little kitty!


1. Pick a name that your kitten can easily recognize
Names that are too long or have too many words or sounds can just sound like talking to them and they are less likely to know when THEY are being called as opposed to when you are just talking to them.

Along with that...


2. Choose a name you'll be comfortable hollering down the street.
The last thing most people want to be stuck doing is calling a cat with an inappropriate name. When you're imaging calling your cat in, think about the movie That Darned Cat, where the owner was forced to call her cat DC because her father had named him something wholly inappropriate to be shouting around the neighborhood.


3. Avoid naming cats after inside jokes.
You may get it, but no one else will and, like all jokes you hear over and over, eventually it just won't be funny anymore.


4. Consider a longer name that has a nickname.
All of my cats have nicknames. It gives more of the feeling of them being a member of the family as so many pets become, so consider giving them a proper name such as Lucille but shortening it to Lucy.


5. Look at baby name websites.
Though it might seem silly to give your cat a human name, many people do it. And baby name websites often list multiple spellings of names as well as common nicknames. Interestingly, female cats tend to be given human names more often than males.


6. Check out the top name lists:

Top Ten Female Names:

Top Ten Male Names:


7. Consider their breed.
If you have an Oriental cat consider a name that will compliment their breed. If your cat is a British Shorthair, consider a British name. A pair of British Shorthairs? How about Cate and William?


8. Pick a name that will grow with your cat.
You don't really want to be calling your 10 year old cat "Kitten Little" or something like that. Pick a name that will be just as appropriate in their senior years as it is in their kitten years.


9. Pick a loving name.
Your cat is a member of your family and you want to give them a name that reflects how much you love them and intend to care for them. Giving a cat a name like "Pain in the Butt" doesn't really give off the feeling that you'll go out of your way and do your best to provide a caring and loving home for your pet.


10. Have fun with it and pick a name you'll enjoy.
At the end of the day, this is your cat and you should pick a name that you both like. Some people even like to try out a few different names to see which the cat responds to best.




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