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5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Cat Bed


Cat_Bed.jpg1.) Keep your cat's age in mind
Older cats have different pet bed needs than younger cats. Consider getting something a little more expensive but that is made to help relieve the pain of arthritis. There are now memory foam beds, beds with heating pads, and a variety of other options to help keep your senior citizen healthy and happy and comfortable in their later years. Younger cats, however, don't need these things quite as much, so a bed that will keep them warm simply by withholding their warmth is a perfect bed.


2.) Think about what you want
You don't want to be forced into buying a brand new pet bed every six months, or one that stands out and is an eyesore in your living room. Make a list of the things you want in the cat bed, as well as what your cat needs. As an owner, things you will want to look for are size, style, durability, and how easy it is to clean. You will want it to be comfortable for your cat, water resistant, big enough to be comfortable in, and able to conserve their body heat.


3.) Consider your kitty's personality
Some cats like to be in the middle of the action while others are a tad distant. When they sleep and play, some like to be out in the open and others prefer a dark corner. This trait will tell you what the best style bed for your cat is. Kitties that like to hide in the dark will probably enjoy cave-like beds with hoods. Cats that prefer to be in the open will probably prefer a donut type bed without covering. If your cat prefers to be up high, consider investing in a cat tree or kitty gym that peaks in a large, comfy bed. Climbers love to head up to the top, spend some time surveying their kingdom, and then curl up for a lovely nap.


4.) Location, location, location
You don't want to get a bed and then have your cat not sleep in it because you didn't put it in their favorite spot. Some cats love to sleep on their cat tree, but then also like to have a second bed in another location. Consider getting multiple beds and making them portable so that you can move the bed to your cat's favorite sleeping spot.


5.) What not to buy!
Avoid any pet beds with loose dangling strings or furry fabrics as these can be ingested and cause problems in your cat. You also want to avoid any bed that isn't easy to clean. Removable covers that dry quickly and easily are ideal as they can simply be thrown in the washing machine and then hung up to dry. You will also want it easy to clean just in case you end up with fleas. Lots of crevices and creases can give fleas places to hide, which is why the removable cover is important.



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