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Top 10 Most Popular Cat Breeds



The Persian has been top cat in the Cat Fancy for more than 100 years. It has been featured in commercials, seen on films and television and has a face that everyone can recognize. This breed has a sweet personality and though not good for a multi-pet or hectic household is very loving. They are a calm breed that is often accused of being stupid because they forego rambunctious play. Owners are often unaware of the amount of work that goes in to owning a Persian. The long coat must be brushed daily to prevent matting and they should be bathed weekly. Certain types of coats, such as smoke Persians, have special brushing requirements to preserve the unique look of the coat. Owning a Persian is not a decision that should be made spur of the moment.


The Siamese is considered one of the most important cats in the Cat Fancy, and is one of the most loved. This breed has donated its genetics to help form and maintain the gene pools of some of the most beloved cat breeds including the Balinese, Tonkinese and Javanese. A very vocal breed, owners should be prepared to have a cat that wishes to engage them in lengthy conversations often. They love attention and will meet you at the door when you come home from work with a lengthy reprimand and a long explanation of all they’ve been up to while you were gone. Caring for a Siamese is relatively easy, potential buyers should investigate the health of the parents and grandparents to check for Endocardio Fibroelastosis. This is not a breed that will do well outdoors and they do best when given a companion.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a breed that can truly be called American-made. Coming from the rugged areas of the East Coast, this breed is descended from those cats that likely came with the Pilgrims hundreds of years ago. It is a large cat with a thick coat that does not mat easily. They are a hardy breed with few health problems. An excellent pet for large, busy families, the Maine Coon loves other cats, dogs and especially children. This is a great cat to have around youngsters.


Often called the “Lazy Man’s Persian”, the exotic offers the look and feel of the stunning Persian, without the excessive grooming. This is an easy going breed, loving to be kissed and cuddled. Like the Persian, they are a “baby” more than a “buddy”. A well-bred cat will not be prone to excessive health problems, though all snub-nosed cats have a predisposition to upper respiratory tract infections. They love to play both with their owners and on their own. They are a quiet breed, rarely vocal and prefer to be with their humans than without them.


Perhaps the allure of the Abyssinian comes from its resemblance to the ancient statues and hieroglyphs of Egypt, as well it should. This breed is directly descended from cats in these wild areas, though it is not believed to have originated in Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia). This is a very curious and very active breed. Though affectionate, they dislike being held. They are well known for making use of all dimensions of space and their curiosity is legendary for being the cause of a knocked over vase... Sometimes they just want to hear what something sounds like when it crashes into the floor. They are easy to care for though they do require extra attention to dental hygiene as they are prone to gingivitis and tooth decay. Buyers should also investigate the medical history of parents and grandparents to eliminate the risk of Amyloidosis. Regular check ups will also help keep this under control.


A relatively new breed, the Ragdoll is a wonderful and well loved pet. Named for their floppy bodies when picked up, this is a breed that does well with children. It is a mild mannered companion, best suited for the indoor lifestyle. Tending towards largeness, their size is easily countered by their sweet disposition. They are not demanding and easily trained; ideal for those with busy lives as they will not wither if left alone. Though long haired, this is a breed that requires little maintenance. Weekly brushings are suggested to help keep tangles and loose hairs from becoming a problem.


The sweet face and romantic myth behind the Birman have charmed cat lovers for decades. With the adorable mittens on all four paws and light, misted gold over the coat, this is a cat that is cherished by owners and breeders. Though they are a long haired cat, the coat is resistant to matting and only requires occasional grooming. They have a “middle of the road” personality, loving attention but happy to go without it until THEY want it. They tend to be soft voiced unless demanding attention and are very social animals. This is a breed that does better with at least someone home most of the time or a companion pet- though the Birman is not picky about what type of pet is their companion as they get along great with other cats and dogs.

American Shorthair

A cat of mediums, the American Shorthair is medium in size, weight and personality. They are a sweet and loving but even tempered cat. They love attention and will happily sit in your lap, but they aren’t in your face about it. It is another all-American cat whose descendants can also be traced back to the cats on board with the Pilgrims. They are easy to care for, with few genetic defects and an easily adaptable personality.


This cat resembles the Siamese only in shape. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and is a bit quieter in voice. Very loving and devoted, they will often pick one person in the family to call their own and belong solely to them, rather than everyone. They become depressed when ignored and will seek attention through gentle nudges, lap stealing and big purrs. They are incredibly intelligent and are a good breed to train through play time as this appeases their need for attention while teaching them the rules of the house. Brushing is necessary for both the long and short coats as it helps to control hair balls and they are relatively healthy though they do share the genetic predisposition for Endocardial Fibroelastosis so a good examination of their genetics is a good idea.


Growing in popularity perhaps due to its “hypoallergenic” tendencies, the Sphynx is a “hairless” breed. They are very loving and active and do provide some relief for those who suffer from dander related allergies as what fur they do have is short and rarely shed. The Sphynx requires weekly bathing, however, as the oils that are secreted from the skin can cause problems if allowed to sit. Care must also be taken to keep them from getting sunburned and too cold as they do not have a longer coat that will protect them from sunlight and cold.



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