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Top 5 Cat Grooming Products


Furminator_de_shedding_tool.jpgFURminator de-Shedding Tool
Price: About $50
Where Can I Find It:
Benefits: This is one of the top rated grooming tools for both cats and dogs. The brush is made of a specially constructed blade that gets deep into the undercoat without damaging the top coat. It eliminates up to 90% of the fur that your cat needs to lose in order to help prevent hair balls and eliminate airborne and fur borne allergies. It can be used before or after a bath, though it is recommended you brush your cat before bathing. FURminator makes the brush for both long and short haired coats, and in different styles for different weights- up to ten pounds and over ten pounds.


BowWow Pet Shammy
Price: About $10
Where Can I Find It:
Benefits: This super absorbent shammy is great for quickly drying your cat off after a bath. It can hold up to 20 times its weight in water and simply sucks the liquid right off your cat. It is an excellent way to get your cat completely dry without having to resort to the dreaded blow dryer. Plus, it's soft and snuggly.


Four Paws Magic Coat Pet Love Glove
Price: About $15
Where Can I Find It:
Benefits: If you haven't groomed your cat from kitten hood, you may find that you struggle to get them to sit still without eating or attack the brush. They may dislike it so much they'll just get up and walk away. Enter the Love Glove. You slip this grooming glove on your hand, and suddenly it's not a brushing, it's an awesome, massaging petting time. Owners must remember to be careful and not pet aggressively, but this is a great way to get cats new to the grooming process used to the feeling of a comb. Your hand slips into the glove and then you simply pet them like normal. It's great for short and long haired coats, and gets out some of the dead hair, dirt, and dander. You can also use it to clean loose hair off carpets or furniture!


Four Paws Ultimate Touch Instant Mat and Tangle Remover
Price: About $20
Where Can I Find It:
Benefits: Some breeds are very prone to matting fur, and many long haired cats may get mats regardless. If the sticky, dirty ball of fur is leaving you with the desire to break out your scissors and just cut it out, consider investing in this mat and tangle remover. Highly rated, this brush carefully cuts through and loosens the mat so that it can be removed painlessly and without ruining your cats beautiful coat. Be sure you read the directions, however, as you don't want to end up causing more damage.


Drs. Foster and Smith Cat Nail Trimmer Kit
Price: About $15
Where Can I Find It:
Benefits: This is a guillotine style nail trimmer kit that comes with nail trimmer, file and spare blade. Guillotine clippers are easy to use and quickly dispatch sharp points. This clipper comes with a non-slip handle. Owners should be sure they have read up and researched how to trim their cats nails, as improper trimming can lead to painful errors such as clipping the quick.



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