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Top 5 Cat Trees, Condos, and Gyms


tom's towerBelow are the top five user rated cat tree, kitty condo's and gym's. These are an awesome idea for cats who love to climb, multi-pet households, and people with cats who have a bit of a scratching problem. All of these can be found on


1. "Tom's Tower"
Company: Molly and Friends
Price: $272


Why this is an excellent item:
At six and a half feet tall, this cat tree gives your cats height that even the craziest of climbers will enjoy. The beds are large and at different levels and the tree itself can sleep 4 without having to double up. The construction is solid pine with carpet and sisal rope. It is made in the USA and doesn't require assembly but it is heavy to ship so you'll have to calculate shipping expenses if you can't pick it up in a store. The unit contains two flat beds, one tunnel and one cradle, stands 66 inches on a 24 inch square base.


2. Step Stool Sleeper
Company: Molly and Friends
Price: $304


Why this is an excellent item:
Molly and Friends lead the charts because their construction is solid pine and high quality carpets with sisal ropes for scratching. Not only that, but the trees come fully assembled so that you don't have to try to piece together bits of particle board like with other manufacturers. This tree is 66 inches on a 24 inch square base. It has four beds, two curvy and two flat, and weighs eighty pounds. Made in the USA, this is a high-quality piece of kitty furniture.

3. Simple Sleeper
Company: Molly and Friends
Price: $130


Why this is an excellent item:
Only three feet tall, this is an item for those who don't have a lot of space in their home but want to provide their cats with a scratching alternative. At just over three feet, this little tree offers two little beds and lots of scratching area. Made by Molly and Friends, it is solid pine construction and built to order before being shipped to your home.

4. Cat Tree
Company: Armarkat Pet Products
Price: $115


Why this is an excellent item:
Not a solid wood, pre-constructed item like those by Molly and Friends, the Armarkat Cat Tree is still a good piece of equipment for those looking to spend a little less. It is an excellent unit for cats that love to climb and scratch. Built from plywood, it is easy to assemble and comes with instructions and tools. 65 pounds and just over six feet tall, it is ideal for multi-pet homes. With seven different places for kitties to perch, this piece holds up to sixty pounds with ease!


5. Jungle Gym
Company: GoPetClub
Price: $100


Why this is an excellent item:
The cheapest in this line-up of cat trees, this kitty gym comes in a deceptively small box that will leave you wondering where box two is hiding. There are three sack beds, three "condos" and a few platforms for your kitties to hang out. This is not a tree for a small home, however as it is more than four feet wide, and nearly nine feet tall! Kitties will love getting to play and rough house. It is made from pressed OSB board and must be assembled at home.



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