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Top Five Cats For Multi-Pet Households


maine coon sleeping1. Maine Coon
The Maine Coon is one of the few all american cats. Not small by any standards, this large kitty is an excellent cat for both small children and multi-pet households. These cats are the "best friend" kitties of the cat owner world, loving to both give and receive attention but not willing to pester you for it. They are very vocal and speak in a wide range of tones with trills and chirps. They adopt everyone into their pack- children, adults, guests and dogs. Because of their gentleness and affectionate nature they have earned and deserve the nickname "Gentle Giants". Generally sturdy, pure bred Maine Coons do tend towards hip dysplasia and cardiomyopathy. Be sure to discuss the medical history of your cats lineage and have them examined by a Vet.


2. Norwegian Forest Cat
An excellent cat for the multi-pet home, the Norwegian Forest cat is an indiscriminate mother to all; human, dog, feline... whatever. They love people and are a nurturing breed with a rumbling purr that matches their size. It is a must that owners of this breed have something for them to climb as they love to be up and able to survey their kingdom before climbing down to the ground and holding you down for a nice long bath. Despite their size, they are a very low-maintenance cat so they are perfect for individuals and families that lead very busy lives. There are no known health complications as they come from a wide and hearty gene pool.


3. Toyger
Though not quite as large as some other breeds, this living room tiger is a pure domestic with an exotic look and a love of multi-pet households. Males are significantly larger than females, but bother are very friendly, intelligent and interactive. They love to play, will learn fetch and compete with others for their toys. Easy to train, they will even happily walk on a leash if taught. A pure Toyger will resemble its larger cousin in everything but size and personality. They are very sweet and hardly dangerous- no more than any other house cat. There is too little exotic blood to be mentioned in this beautiful, friendly breed.


4. Birman
Despite the exotic history of the Birman, this breed is far from uppity and is happy to share the attention with other animal family members. When they want your attention they'll let you know with a characteristic NO-O-O-OW and once they've received what they feel is their due will happily go their merry way. They possess a "middle of the road" personality that suits the beauty of the legend behind their unique coat to a T. Multi-pet households are, in fact, ideal for this down to earth breed as they will become lonely if left alone and will accept friends in any form- even a bit slobbering pooch.


5. Toniknese
The Tonkinese is a loving and family oriented pet. They love to take over shoulders and laps, and will happily supervise all your activities. They have sense like a radar and incredible memories but are strong willed and require persistence to train. They invent and play games, including fetch and tag with one another and their people. They love to play hide and seek with one another, dogs, and their families, are enthusiastic door greeters and guest entertainers. This is a breed that will accept any pet you want to give them and simply include them in the fun and games!



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