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Understanding Kittens


cute kittenIf there is one universal truth to the relationship between humans and cats, it’s that we unquestioningly love kittens despite not knowing all that much about the,. Granted, experts know a great deal about why kittens act the way they do and how we should respond to them, but most people just adopting don’t really know what every kitten has had to go through to get to where they are now and what they’ll eventually become. It’s important to know a few things about this new pet though if you’re planning to adopt, or if your cat just gave birth to a brand new litter, so here is what you need to know to understand kittens.

First, it’s important to realize that kittens develop a lot faster than human babies, but they do still need some time to grow. A lot of people are unsure if it’s healthy to see a newly born kitten unable to open its eyes, but in fact they won’t typically open their eyes for two weeks, at which point they’ll also begin vying for the top spot within their litter.

By roughly three-weeks-old, the kittens will be able to not only recognize their mother, but also have a fairly developed sense of smell. Between the three and eight-week mark, they’ll begin walking about, albeit very wonkily, and will even try to learn how to pounce on their unsuspecting siblings. You’ll also notice that by four-weeks-old their teeth have come in as sharp needles that are meant only to inflict pain apparently.

Things really pick up between the two-month and three-month stretch. Here they’ll have learned to groom themselves and interact with one another, mainly getting into the stage of near-constant play. They’ll figure out how to do pretty much everything a cat can do, particularly annoy and surprise you by constantly being underfoot or by leaping out of a closet at your exposed toes. After that it’s all a matter of learning to be either dominant or submissive within their litter and to a larger extent with other pets and humans in the house.

It’s vital though that socialization occurs between not just your kitten and its siblings but also between your kitten and you. Cats separated from other feline interaction at a young age will typically be a lot more frightened of things and prone to hiding, whereas a social cat will remain a social cat later in life. This is can help eliminate the possibility of aggression as well.

What’s really interesting is that sciences has proven that there is a real and definite importance for humans spending time with their cats. Before your kitten gets to roughly around seven-weeks-old, holding them between 15 to 40 minutes every day will actually cause their brains to develop much larger than kittens who aren’t held. Why this is still seems to be a bit of a mystery, but the core is that interacting with your kitten and showing it love and affection can go a long way toward making them a better cat overall.

Kittens are a great blessing as they’re some of the cutest and most adorable creatures ever to prance about the earth. But it’s important to know a little bit about them before jumping in and assuming they’re simple to care for. Hey are, but they require so much more than just food and shelter. They require patience and affection, so please, only go ahead and adopt a kitten if you know you’re going to be able to devote the needed time.



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