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What To Do About Nocturnal Cat Activities


cat eyesA lot of cat owners seem to be cursed with the typical habit of what can only be called the “nighttime weird time.” Something about the night brings out the worst (or best) in cats, but there’s a definite reason for it. However, if you’re looking for ways to help alleviate your kitty’s bothersome instincts at night, here’s some advice that may help.


You need to understand why nighttime is generally the main time when felines hit their daily stride. Cats are nocturnal creatures, meaning that they are programmed by nature to be most active during the night. There’s no way to just instinctively shut that off, so by default your cat will always start their life inclined to stay awake when the sun goes down and hit their peak in the middle of the night.


However, just because that’s how cats normally act doesn’t mean there aren’t some things you can do in order to alleviate the nightly crazy sessions. However, this means you’ll need to do a bit more work during the day for a while before you can even hope of seeing a change. The first and biggest is to set aside some time to play your cat out. Yes, it is possible, but it means you’ll need to set aside a block of time every day at roughly the same time for long enough that your kitty gets used to playing at that time rather than in the middle of the night. Resetting this instinct is not easy though, so good luck there.


Something else you can do is encourage your cat to sleep at the same time you do. This can be done by getting your cat a comfortable bed somewhere in the house, or by getting your cat used to snuggling in bed with you. Some cats just won’t be snugglers, so you can’t get this to work every time, but by attempting your cat to live off your schedule, there’s a chance it could work in your favor and they’ll sleep through the night.


Of course the easiest option is to just let your cat out at night, but this only works if you live in an area where your kitty friend has space to safely roam, such as a farm. Don’t do this if you live in the middle of the city or nearby busy streets, though another elegant solution is to designate a room your cat’s room with its own bed, food, water, litter box, and lay toys to keep it occupied.


Sometimes felines just need to be themselves, but it never hurts to try. Keep in mind that your pet isn’t doing anything out of spite, but simply because that’s just how they’re programmed. So good luck and hopefully a good night’s sleep!



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