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Why Is My Cat Acting So Strangely?


cat runningOne of the biggest aspects of a cat’s personality is its ability to not only be aloof at all times but also to be entirely unpredictable. Most of us experience a nightly activity we can only refer to as “that weird time of night” when our cats decide that all reason should be done away with and frantic sprinting is in order. Why do cats do that? Just what is behind this erratic behavior? I have no idea, but let’s talk about it anyway.

So the incident I’m talking about is the wholly unexpected moment when you’re sitting in the living room or bedroom or wherever and suddenly your cat comes tearing through the area like its being chased by hell itself, leaping over anything in its way and never even turning around to see if it’s outrun its pursuer, assuming one exists at all. The only logical conclusion we can come to is that there must indeed be something horrible that’s spooked the cat. Or they’re just crazy, either one seems perfectly reasonable.

A quick search of the house almost always results in nothing, save for the occasional youngster with a rubber band gun or a dog with a penchant for cat spooking. But for the most part, your house will be empty, utterly devoid of anything that could possibly set your cat off. Regardless, there your cat goes, hauling tail like their life depends upon their continued motoring. And then they’ll just stop and act like nothing was up to begin with. “What? Oh me? No I’m fine, what’re you so worried about?”

The best theory is that there’s just a physical need for cats to have an explosion of energy now and then. They spend the majorities of their days sitting around, generally inactive, so there’s a high chance that they’ll have a huge amount of pent-up energy, requiring a good means of getting rid of it. Hence, the pull the usual stunt that a 6-year-old would normally go full throttle into and sprint around the house as fast as they can, letting nothing stand in their way. It’s quite possible this is the reason since cat’s aren’t known for having the greatest stamina, meaning it’s likely that a huge burst of activity all at once could wipe them out for a bit.

Of course, there’s always the very real and very important other option to consider: Ghosts. Sure, why not? Cats are very clearly working on a whole different level than all of us during the normal daytime hours, so who’s to say that they can’t see something that we cannot? This hypothesis is further supported by the times you catch your cat just staring at the wall or behind you, looking at absolutely nothing with a fixed stare. Or their senses are really heightened and they’re hearing something outside or next door, whatever, probably ghosts.

We may never actually know why actually felines get the urge to sprint at the drop of an invisible hat. It could be an itch, it could be boredom, it could be an elaborate conspiracy where the cats are seeking to throw us into a state of confusion. Whatever the case, it’s funny as heck, so we sit and watch and thank our cats yet again for providing us with free entertainment. They’re just the gifts that keep on giving!



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